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K C E   S T R U C T U R A L   E N G I N E E R S ,  P. C.
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Mitigating disaster
Some of the earthquake historic stone building emergency remediation
New residences on very difficult site
Another precast garage collapse, Texas
New apartment in Design
Not understanding unusual earth issues
Another major new project
Not getting full penetration weld
Another New Major Complex in Design
Ignoring "Am Lite'", therefore Crane collapse
Challenge on construction site, Washington DC
Upcoming New Office Complex
4619 41st Street
Another sheeting failure, emergency make-safe
Panama City Panama, Value engineering flaws
New addition and Vertical expansion, adaptive re-use
Restoring a landmark
Using incorrect material
4-story mixed use on extremely constrained site
Historic Renovation and New Addition
Removal of portions of parking level slabs with minimal impact to residents                                                  
Forensic investigation of 63-story building facade
Convention Center
Reclad and addition of floors
New Facade and Adding Several Floors
Arena Stage Theatre Renovation
Deconstruction Techniques
Proposed Adaptive Re-use
Adaptive Re-use
Nashville Music City Center
7-Story parking garage
Unites States Institute of Peace
Residential, retail and sports club
KCE called during Collapse
True laundered money. KCE called again-Different location.
Protecting National Treasures. KCE called yet again-Another different location
Knoxville City County Building
Knoxville, TN
Historic Restoration
New Ronald McDonald House
Washington, DC
Interesting Site
Perils of ignoring leaks
Another Crane Collapse
Stoddert School
Washington, DC
When you don't maintain your place
When one doesn't focus
Anything for free advertising
Interesting Steel Structure
Office building
High Rise Office / Residential Building
Rosslyn, VA
American Theater Stage
Washington, DC
Fairfax, VA
Building 35 stories in the air
Building over existing occupied building
Bethesda, MD
Retirement Housing
Bethesda, MD
Office Building - Vertical Addition & Structural Renovation
Washington, DC
New Office Building
Washington, DC
A Study for additional floors on KCE original design
Washington, DC
New Apartment Building
Washington, DC
Additional stories + renovation to Office Bldg
Washington, DC
A Study for additional floors
Washington, DC
New Office Building
Washington, DC
Office Building
Office Building (1 of 12)
Gaithersburg, MD
Steve Irwin Playground @ Discovery
Silver Spring, MD
Multi mixed-use buildings, East of I-270
Gaithersburg, MD
9 floors added on top of existing building
New office building
Washington, DC
Multi mixed-use buildings, West of I-270
Washington, DC
New office building
New office building
Washington, DC
Multi-use High-rise building
Washington, DC
New office building
Bethesda, MD
New office building
Rosslyn, VA
New office building
Washington, DC
New office & Retail building
Bethesda, MD
Mixed-use High Rise
Washington, DC
New retail & office building
Washington, DC
New office building
Bethesda, MD
New office building
Alexandria, VA
New office building
Washington, DC
New office buildings
Alexandria, VA
New office building
Washington, DC
New office building
Washington, DC
Condominium Apartments
Condominium apartments
High Rise
Mixed-use high Rise
5 Million Square feet
5 Million Square feet
1979 addition, and now were doing it again
Office building over existing freeway
Construction of office over existing freeway
3120 Fairview Park
3-story parking garage with 8-story office building atop.
Apartments adjacent to freeway
Construction of apartments adjacent to freeway
20 story building on existing operating facility
Hoffman Garage
Parking Garage
Flower Avenue Medical Center
Structural design of medical center
Structural design of university classrooms
New Study
High Rise office building
Mt .Vernon Place
Multi-use buildings, Washington DC
1812 N.
Moore Street
39 story office building
Towers Crescent
Structural design
Capital Gallery
8 stories on existing building
6800 Wisconsin Ave
9 stories, partially on existing building
Capitol Visitors Center
Construction consulting
Dulles Airport, Underground train
Construction consulting and design of shoring
Tropicana Garage
Collapse Investigation
Structural design
Structural design of 6 office buildings, strip office buildings & 2 parking garages
Chevy Chase Center
Structural design
Montgomery Conference Center & Hotel
Structural design
900 7th Street
Structural design
Structural design
Arlington Gateway
Structural design of Residential, Hotel & Office buildings
2020 K Street
Structural design of 4 stories on existing building
1111 25th Street - Columbia Hospital
Structural design
St. Matthews
Consultation on renovation of sacristy and rectory
Conference Center
Structural design
The Phoenix Project
Emergency Engineering, Post Collapse Assistance  Design and Reconstruction
Hurricane Isabel
Community Service Assistance
Hurricane I
Community Service Assistance
Emergency Assistance Projects
The Pentagon
Johns Hopkins
Fisher's Place
Charles de Gaulle Airport
Morgan State  (link to follow)
P G County Garage Collapse
P G County Courthouse Fire
Ames Iowa
912 F Street
2033 K Street  (link to follow)
Bethesda Towers
Concrete Formwork Collapse
Crane Collapse Investigation - 01
Crane Collapse Investigation - 02
Crane Collapse Investigation - 03
Capture Caisson  Study
Collapse Investigation, Baltimore
Another Unique Project by KCE
Building support with uncooperative neighbor